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DadBoner - Mon Jun 16 2014

07:30 PM #
Just chillin' watching the USA rock out the Dub Cup. Gotta show your support, you guys.

07:34 PM #
It don't matter if you're into soccer or not. The Dub Cup's really about smooth sippin' acceptable early cold ones, world wide.

07:37 PM #
If your boss don't let you split work to get bombed in support of the USA takin' on some random country for freedom, they can suck it.

07:41 PM #
Think bosses in Ghano let people out early from the office for soccer cold ones? No way. USA.

07:42 PM #
Not livin' in another country is pretty much the best, you guys.

07:59 PM #
USA. U. S. A. So pumped. So proud. Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.