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DadBoner - Thu Jul 03 2014

01:48 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the 4th of July weekend, you guys.

08:07 PM #
Looks like the 4th is a 3 day banger this year. Gonna do some 'shups to make sure my bod is tight to go all the way.

08:10 PM #
Haven't been gettin' on well with Thanny. Considerin' rollin' el lobo solo for the 4th celebraish. Can't risk my hot times turnin' cold.

08:12 PM #
When a babe gets an attitude about your "lifestyle choices" it's time to "lose your phone" or "need some time to think" or "not be home."

08:15 PM #
Sure, me and Thanny went all the way, successfully I might add. But that don't mean I'm down for critique on my chill situaish.

08:17 PM #
If a babe tries to give you the business when you're goin' hard in the paint for a 4th celebraish, you gotta shut it down, pronto.

08:19 PM #
Haven't heard from Coot in a hot minute. It's pretty much a 4th tradish for Crazy to toss a nasty bash.

08:21 PM #
Might swing by Coot's. See if I can lend a hand with the refreshment prep work for tomorrow. Maybe do some "taste tests." Ha!

08:24 PM #
If you need your booze taste tested to ensure max satisfaction, I'm your kemosabe all day, you guys.