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DadBoner - Thu Jul 24 2014

02:50 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

03:16 PM #
My 'Maro with Van Halen Sticker is up to 271 bucks! Might have to have a little celebraish, successfully.

03:19 PM #
Whoa. Just saw it's National Tequila Day. I'm missin' all the action. Gonna head to 'Bee's. Probably packed. Wanna get a seat.

03:21 PM #
Everyone should have the day off for National Tequila Day. So disrespectful to the Mexican people, and Sammy Hagar, you guys.

03:24 PM #
National Tequila Day, 2014. May your margs always be top shelf across the USA. Let's roll, amigos.