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DadBoner - Fri Jul 25 2014

05:06 PM #
Rocked it so hard at 'Bee's last night for National Tequila Day. Really hurtin'. Feels good, like after a workout.

05:09 PM #
Brought my Discman so I could listen to Sammy's Hagar's "Mas Tequila" at the bar. Sang along. Got some real looks, especially from babes.

05:12 PM #
Sammy's "Red Voodoo" is such a classic. Just a feel good album that lets you get in touch with Tequila, and other party vibes.

05:28 PM #
Asked the bartender at 'Bee's if she wanted to put on my Hagar CD for everyone to enjoy. She said, "we're good." Must be rules or something.

06:19 PM #
Told the bartender at 'Bee's I'm up for bein' awarded a Camaro, and she'd be a passenger seat babe I could really crave. (respectfully)

06:22 PM #
When you got a hot ride, it's important that a babe's "passenger seat" is a primo, when it's in the passenger seat, you guys.

06:26 PM #
Up to 281 bucks! Really gettin' there. Might be any day now. Man.