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DadBoner - Wed Jul 30 2014

02:31 PM #
Finally finished watchin' every ep of Entourage. Feel like I woulda been a big time actor if I never got married. BIG mistake.

02:33 PM #
Told Dave, I probably woulda been the Vinnie of the Entourage gang. He said, "More like Turtle." What's that make YOU, Dave? Drama's toilet?

02:38 PM #
Entourage lifestyle makes alotta sense. Every night you just drink some cold ones, look outside, and say, "Everything is chill, you guys."

02:45 PM #
Entourage proves that acting is basically just phone calls, makin carnal passions with tons of babes, gettin bombed, and havin lunch alot.

02:47 PM #
Whoa. Up to $301! Once I get my 'Maro, might have to cruise to Hollywood and get in that Ari Gold corncob's face.

02:51 PM #
I'd tell that Ari Gold guy, "Listen buddy (finger point). I'm the #1 Bad Boy in the USA. Where do I sign for Expendables 5." Man.

02:57 PM #
"Huggin' it out" don't get crap done. Gotta roll up in somebody's grill with a finger in their face screamin' "Listen, buddy!" Maniac style.

03:02 PM #
When dealin' with some fancy big timer hot shot, let 'em know you follow a code of the streets, and laws don't apply to you, you guys.