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DadBoner - Fri Aug 15 2014

01:59 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

03:34 PM #
Whoa, just saw BK brought back Chicken Fries. Surprised it wasn't a top story on the news. Don't watch that crap, but still.

03:39 PM #
The news only cares about sad crap. Bet if BK Chicken Fries gave you peener cancer, they'd be all over it. But "great snackin" don't cut it.

03:57 PM #
"Tonight on the news, idiots bombed each other. Also, a piece of trash shot some poor guy. But first, BK Chicken Fries are back at BK!"

04:00 PM #
I should have my own news segment. "The Feel Good Report with Captain Karl. Informaish that rocks your world with positive vibes."

04:46 PM #
Maybe I could do my news show from my Camaro instead of a some snoozefest news desk? "Captain Karl with the Mobile 'Maro Feel Good Report."

04:48 PM #
If you were drivin' around in a Camaro doin' the news and saw a babe with a ripe bod, you could get the exclusive on her chest beefers.

04:49 PM #
Gotta get my 'Maro, you guys.