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DadBoner - Mon Aug 18 2014

06:22 PM #
Monday can suck it. At 3:57 in Still of the Night by Whitesnake, it's always the weekend somewhere, you guys.

06:26 PM #
Wonder how many babes David Coverdale HASN'T had carnal passions with? Probably like, a small amount.

06:29 PM #
Bet if you're David Coverdale, everyday is Saturday, and every babe is ready to go, 24/7, 365, open on Sundays. Man.

06:31 PM #
Dave just said, "If I was a babe, David Coverdale would probably make me cream so hard." Kinda true, but jeez. Mr. Yuck City.

06:33 PM #
Anyone who make a babe "cream" probably doesn't use the term "cream." So crass. No class.

06:35 PM #
You don't hear Steve Winwood singin' songs 'bout makin' babes "cream." He knows the score when it comes to sensitivity.

09:07 PM #
Watchin' Monday Night RAW. Steph McMizzo's chest beefers are lookin' so off the chain. Piled high with all the toppings, you guys.

09:11 PM #
Dave said, "If I was Trips, I'd be makin' Steph McMizzo cream with my hog meat 24/7." Idiot. He's such a pile of trash sometimes.

09:13 PM #
If you say crap like, "I'd make that babe cream with my hog meat," chances are, that's never gonna happen, you guys.