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DadBoner - Thu Sep 04 2014

02:23 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

06:00 PM #
So ready for some NFL football, you guys. Man.

06:04 PM #
Been alot of bad crap goin' on in the world lately. Now's perfect time for the NFL to bring the USA together as a family.

06:10 PM #
Pretty sure one of the reasons those ISIS filthy animals are such pieces of trash is they probably don't watch football.

06:19 PM #
If those garbage human terrorists ever had a brat and a cold one while watchin' the NFL, maybe they'd understand true salvation, you guys.

06:34 PM #
Anyone who hates the USA should spend some time at Chili's enjoyin' margs & bold flavors with a game on, then reevaluate their priorities.

06:39 PM #
"Blah blah blah! I hate USA!" So stupid. Have you ever even HAD a top shelf marg? Do you even KNOW what a "marg" is?! Animals.

06:48 PM #
Any scum who thinks the USA is goin' away needs to step back, put on some Bob Seger, and realize that America is forever. Amen.