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DadBoner - Sat Nov 08 2014

08:28 PM #
THE Michigan State University, you guys.

08:31 PM #
What's a buckeye anyway? Sounds like some hippie cereal crap. Real men are Spartans. Not hippie cereal buckeye crap. Go green. Go white.

08:36 PM #
Don't matter who wins. Spartans are bad boys. Buckeyes are some sorta weird bean or nut thing they grow in Ohio that no one cares about.

08:47 PM #
Dave's doin' a DX "suck it" to Ohio State on the TV. Would normally kinda gross me out, but right now, kinda cool? Go THE State!

11:27 PM #
Sick of this. Goin' to sit on the roof and scream at demons in the sky.