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DadBoner - Thu Nov 27 2014

12:37 PM #
Happy 'Ving, you guys.

02:34 PM #
Sorry to get sappy like a wuss, but gotta say, I'm just so thankful for cold ones, Bob Seger, chest beefers, and the USA, you guys.

02:38 PM #
From coast to coast across America, may your 'Ving be filled with bold flavors of freedom, rockin' with the heat of a thousand suns.

04:59 PM #
Dave said, "People make beer can chicken. Don't see any reason you can't make Jim Beam bottle turkey." So stupid, but has a point.

05:02 PM #
Jim Beam flavored turkey don't sound like a natural combo, but Jim Beam tastes fine with anything, so might just be an acquired taste?

05:07 PM #
Callin' Crazy Cooter. If anyone's ever shoved a bottle of hard booze up a bird's backdoor, it's him.

05:14 PM #
Cooter said his Ma's "passed out like a lazy f*ckin' dead sow" so he's gonna steal her turk and come over. Jim Beam bottle turk is a go!

05:19 PM #
When it comes to bold flavors, the greater the risk of crap tastin' like garbage, the greater the reward. Heard that on Triple D, you guys.