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DadBoner - Mon Jan 19 2015

03:46 AM #
Sometimes you gotta be patient for things to get carnally erotic ,you guys,

03:46 AM #
KARL 3:57

03:52 AM #
Just delivered a full load of man beef to a special babe named "Beth." Man. Made it so hard. No protectsh. Might be a keeper?

03:58 AM #
Coot said, "Dumpin your guy juice is what makes the throne strong." Sounds either racist or about wet doo doo. Either may, not chill

04:14 AM #
Cooter says this jam'll make you see "motherf*cking God" if you you "snort enough jail gack & beg for salvation."

04:20 AM #
Man. Cooter's right. I might be broken, but I can still destroy,

04:27 AM #
Had to split after the raw man beef erotic spill. Hope that's not a issue, consensually.

04:34 AM #
Sure, I made erotic carnal passions with a heavy set babe. But booze was involved; Any repercussions don't count.

04:42 AM #
Cooter said, "Rip this gack, and the world can suck your f*ckin dick." Sounds chill?

04:46 AM #
Might rip a buncha Cooter's "gack." Not sure yet. Placs seem dark. Keeps playin these "Natas" songs 'cause "TNT" died. Might split.

05:04 AM #
Cooter's been playin' this compact disc for 3 hours. Kinda disturbing. Might go for some air.

03:41 PM #
Happy MLK day to ya. Feel like I could drink a thousand beers for the King, you guys.

03:52 PM #
Don't 'member most of yesterday's back 9. Probably for good reason. If stuff is 'portant for your brain to know, it'll get locked up tight.

03:54 PM #
It's not reasonable to be expected to know everything you've personally ever done, you guys.

06:17 PM #
So bombed for the King right now.

06:20 PM #
Pretty disrespectful if a man dies for freedom and you don't get boozed up on cold ones during the day off he gave you, you guys.