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DadBoner - Sun May 03 2015

06:30 AM #
Feelin' down. Ain't got much juice left in my man tank, you guys.

06:49 AM #
Was goin' through a dumpster for empties listenin' to Heaven by Warrant on my Discman. Then I remembered that guy died. Really hurt.

07:06 AM #
Then, Rocket Queen by GNR came on. Such a jam. So full of life, love, and bold carnality. It was time to get it on.

07:20 AM #
Dave wants to boot me out for not havin' enough cash for rent? Well guess what, "buddy?" I'll dig through trash and bake that bread.

07:23 AM #
Been crashin' in the 'Bring since Dave locked me out for "monies owed." Such an assclown. I floated him on babes and booze for years. Jeez.

07:29 AM #
Think I got enough 10 cent empties in the 'Bring to pay the rent situiash. Can barely fit in the driver's seat! Could be big. Ca-ching?

07:33 AM #
Bein' surrounded by bottles & cans filled with dip spit and the stench of other bodily functions reminds you that if you just keep tryin'...

07:35 AM #
...and you just keep going' through the trash. You'll find a way to keep breathin'.

07:43 AM #
Any true bad boy probs had to dig through the trash sometime for eats or cash sometime. It's just a pitstop to excellence.

07:51 AM #
Don't let anybody tell you to stop breathin', 'tii you decide to stop livin', you guys.