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DadBoner - Fri May 15 2015

05:17 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

05:58 PM #
Dave's been walkin' around with his shirt off. Says he's got the "Dadbod" look all the babes are gonna crave this summer. Idiot grossout.

05:59 PM #
Told Dave, you don't got any kids. You don't have a Dadbod. You're just a fatso.

06:03 PM #
Dave said I've got a Dadbod too and should take advantage. What the crap is "Dadbod" anyway? Sure, I got kids, but my bod is on point.

06:07 PM #
Whatever "Dadbod" is, if Dave's got it, I don't want any part of it. Hardly see my kids anyway. No thanks. Not for me. I'll pass.

06:11 PM #
Dadbod seems like an excuse to not own up to havin' a Cake Batter Gut and Man Beefers Bod.

06:13 PM #
I don't got no Dadbod. My bod is 110% Beef, Piled High with All The USA Guy Toppings...Bod.

06:22 PM #
All this "Dadbod" crap can suck it. I've got a Bad Boy City, USA, Bod.

06:23 PM #
Dadbod sounds like some crap a fatso's wife made up so she could pretend her hubby isn't a corncob who can't even do 10 'shups.

06:28 PM #
Did Stone Cold Steve Austin or Dalton Cooler in Roadhouse had Dadbods? No. True macho bad boys have somethin' called pride.

06:30 PM #
Sure, my stomach is large. But it's strong. I've got big abs.

06:33 PM #
I'm not "overweight." I'm just "More Karl."

06:42 PM #
I'm solid man beef with softness added. Custom made for a babe's caress. Custom made, brother. And I mean custom made.

06:52 PM #
You don't need some stupid corncob label like "Dadbod" to define what you are. Build your own road, you guys.