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DadBoner - Thu Jun 25 2015

02:17 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

02:23 PM #
Dave said Pete Rose ain't gettin' into the Hall of Fame again. So stupid. Charlie Hustle is a natural bad boy. Bad Boys do bad boy stuff.

02:25 PM #
So Pete Rose gambled. Who cares? It's the Hall of "Fame." Not, the Hall of "Not Gambling." They should change the name.

02:28 PM #
Guess Pete Rose only bet on his own team. That's just incentive to win. Why is it cheating if you wanna kickass even more so you get paid?

02:32 PM #
Air Jordan got caught gamblin', so he played baseball. Pete Rose shoulda played basketball. Slidin' around the court, goin' super bonkers.

02:38 PM #
It's righteous Pete Rose bet on his own team. All players should have to do that so they play hard and don't lose on purpose.

02:42 PM #
Wakin' up every mornin' is a gamble 'cause there's no guarantee you won't die that day. So what's a few bucks on a baseball game, you guys?