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DadBoner - Sun Sep 20 2015

03:14 PM #
Been just layin' on the floor since the Lions game. Hate everything. So steamed. Can't have nothin'.

03:17 PM #
The Detroit Lions should change their name to The Detroit Diarrhea 'cause that's what they give everyone.

03:22 PM #
You wait all year for football season and you're super pumped but then your team starts 0-2 and now your life is worthless. WORTHLESS!

03:24 PM #
I got no babes. I'm short on bread. All I gots is Detroit Lions football and every year they stink worse than a clogged toilet at Wendy's.

03:27 PM #
Gonna get destroyed on the hard brown stuff. So sick of this. Sick of everything, you guys.