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DadBoner - Mon Oct 05 2015

02:50 PM #
Hidin' all the knives and dangerous stuff at the pad. Don't want a blackout accident if the Lions take a huge dump on MNF.

02:53 PM #
Pickin' out stuff to break that I won't miss too much if the Lions go 0-4. Dave's got an old lamp that don't work. Be chill to smash.

02:56 PM #
'Course, if the Lions beat Seattle, I'll probs smash that lamp anyway. But in celebraish, as opposed to vicious rage.

02:59 PM #
Whether your NFL team wins or loses, either is a chill reason to destroy some of the belongings in your home, you guys.

07:19 PM #
Smashed Dave's lamp through the window. Everything can suck it. Going on the roof with some Jim Beam to scream at the sky.

07:22 PM #
Can't have nothin', you guys. Can't. Have. Nothin'.