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DadBoner - Mon Oct 26 2015

12:26 PM #
Whoa. Just remembered it was my birthday on the 23rd. Guess my brain was on an eternal slumber of youth and chillness.

12:28 PM #
If you forget your own birthday, it means you don't age. Probs how Steven Tyler stays like a 40 year old hippie woman.

12:30 PM #
Might kill myself after the Lions season, so havin' a birthday don't really count for crap anywho, you guys.

12:39 PM #
Way I see it, I gots 3 backlogged days of birthday to dragon pound hard sauce and no tomorrow to give a hot crap about. Let's. Do. THIS.

12:44 PM #
Gonna go into my new birth year as a drunk Packer piece of chill garbage with bold flavors, respectfully. Go Pack, you guys.

12:47 PM #
Aaron Rogers probs makes it with, like, piles of babes. Matt Stafford probs throws babes to other dudes by accident. Idiot.

01:59 PM #
Bein' a Packer fan feels so chill. Winning. Cheese. Cold ones. Green for the money. Gold for the honey. Like, so chill.

02:05 PM #