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DadBoner - Thu Nov 26 2015

09:10 AM #
Happy 'Ving, you guys.

09:20 AM #
'VING TIP: Don't let that turkey neck go to waste. Come out of the john with it stickin' out your fly. Classic guy humor.

09:23 AM #
Raw turkey neck as a fake peener is a great gag. Real unexpected and shocking. Makes your fam think, "Whoa. his peener is OUT." Ha!

09:28 AM #
Keepin' it chill this 'Ving. Got 10 Banquet Turkey Pot Pies and a bottle of Beam. No need to cook when Banq Turk Pots are 5 for $5.

09:35 AM #
Gonna heat up the indivige Banq Turk Pots, smash 'em up in a Pyrex, then twice bake 'em, casserole style. I call it, "The Family Banquet."

09:47 AM #
Lions are roarin'. Gonna fill my face with hot slop and wash it down with straight booze. Then, might call some babes? Feelin' SO good.