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DadBoner - Thu Dec 17 2015

01:08 PM #
Might head down to the theater. Probly tons of babes in line for Star Wars achin' for a bad boy's caress who got doofus boyfriends.

01:11 PM #
When it comes to movies, I'm "one hand in the corn bucket, one hand squeezin' on your thigh." Gets a babe hot n ready for after the show.

01:17 PM #
Guess Star Wars is PG-13. Means you get one F word and one topless shot. Maybes a Jedi uses the force to peep some chest beefers?

01:23 PM #
When I roll up at Star Wars with a 6 of Busch talls and drop a few wink & point combos, force style, all the babes'll be like, "whoa."

01:28 PM #
"Let's ditch outta this kids' space movie and go watch Rambo III at my pad for some one-on-one action & adventure. Adult style." So smooth.

01:35 PM #
Cold ones, healthy chest beefers. Jedi Karl craves these things, you guys. Ha!

02:15 PM #
Dave said we should dress up as Star Wars characters to go see the movie. Idiot. That's how babes know who NOT to get carnal with.

02:19 PM #
Diggin' Star Wars is chill. But actin' like it's your whole life is a one way ticket to Lonely Strokesville, USA. Population: Zero babes.

02:24 PM #
Wanna pick up some babes at Star Wars? Don't dress up as a Stormtrooper. Dress up as Rambo from Rambo III. So carnal.

03:35 PM #
Star Wars shoulda had Guy Fieri flyin' around in a red X-Wing Camaro. With a topless babe droid in the back. Crankin' some Motley. So boss.

03:49 PM #
Headin' to the theater for Wars. Postin' up with a cooler & lawn chair outside. Let all the babes know the force is strong with this Karl.