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DadBoner - Fri Dec 18 2015

03:54 PM #
So steamed. Got escorted off the property at Trillium Cinema last night. Wouldn't let me in the building for urinaish so I whizzed in a can.

03:56 PM #
What kinda country is this where a man can't drain his peener outside a movie theater while trying to peep Star Wars babes? Not MY America.

04:01 PM #
Trillium Cinema owes me an apology. If they let me drain my bladder in their john there'd be no public whip out & whizz. Their fault.

04:04 PM #
It's not like I drained my guy snake on the ground. I squirted in a beer can with my shirt tugged over my peen. I'm not some hobo animal.

04:07 PM #
Maybe some babes saw me gettin' escorted off the theater property by security? Might go back tonight. See if I get recognized, carnally.

04:11 PM #
Gettin' real bombed, then goin' back to the movie theater with Dave's boombox. Let the babes know it's bad boy season.

04:18 PM #
If the movie theater gots a prob with me chillin' in outside for Star Wars babes who want me bad, I'll show 'em what real whizz is.

04:21 PM #
I'll whizz everywhere. On the door. Cars outside. The lobby. On the manager. SO much hot whizz. But hopefully it won't come to that.

04:23 PM #
Always make a solid effort to resolve an issue without exposing your peener and takin' a leak on someone. That's my policy, you guys.