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DadBoner - Thu Jan 21 2016

07:09 AM #
Whoa. Guess everyone in Flint has been drinkin' poison toilet water or something? Kinda concerning.

07:12 AM #
I dine in Flint on the reg. That mean I've been poisoned? Might have to reach out to a lawyer. Could cash in. Big time. $$$

07:16 AM #
If you can't drink H2O in Flint, the government should make cold ones complimentary. On THEIR tab. It's a safe, healthy alternative.

07:18 AM #
Should kids drink booze? Probably not. But it's sure better than servin' 'em Flint poison toilet water. I should start a rally maybes?

07:21 AM #
"In Flint, don't drink from the tap. If it's not booze, send it back." Almost rhymes? Kinda catchy. Writin' it down for rally purposes.

07:28 AM #
Should hook up all the houses in Flint to the beer factory on Busch mountain. Have safety brews pourin' ice cold 365, 24/7, open on Sundays.