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DadBoner - Sun Jan 31 2016

05:09 PM #
Flint lives matter, you guys.

05:13 PM #
People that don't support Flint, MI should move to China and live in a sewer.

05:21 PM #
USA used to be badass. Flint built muscle cars. Now the USA is a toilet of corncobs sayin' their "feelings" on the computer. Yuck.

05:23 PM #
America is bein' so trash. Really hurts, ya know? Right in the ticker.

05:26 PM #
Donald Trump gonna be pres. Idiots like that Justin Bieb tarded kid. Kill me in the mouth with a gun. Remember Van Halen? Garbage world.

05:29 PM #
This country is turnin' into a craphole and after Bob Seger dies we should just turn the light out, you guys,