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DadBoner - Wed Mar 16 2016

01:19 PM #
Somebody gimme an AWE HELL YEAH for my main rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin and the 3:16 celebraish, you guys.

01:27 PM #
3:16 should be a national Stone Cold holiday. Bet President Ric Flair would get that done pronto.

01:32 PM #
Wait, if today is 3:16, that means tomorrow is...ST. PADDY'S DAY?! So steamed. Stupid no think brain! Gotta get prepped for poundin'.

01:39 PM #
Gotta acquire Mick cold ones, c-beef, tates & cabb. Been down in the dumps. Really gonna ruin myself for St. P's as a cheer me up.

01:46 PM #
On St. P's Day, you keep rockin' 'til your bod is a garbage pile of destruction. It's a reasonable personal policy, you guys.