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DadBoner - Fri Mar 25 2016

10:00 AM #
Happy Chill Friday, you guys.

10:09 AM #
Gonna kick back with a couple F.O. Fishes from Mick D's and several to a thousand cold ones. Gotta honor the Big Man up stairs. Praise be.

10:13 AM #
People who use religion for violence are idiots. Religion is for takin' the day off to pig out and get super bombed. Respectfully.

10:16 AM #
Whether you believe in God or not, don't hurt to fake it to reap the benefits like fried fish, boozin', and maybes eternal life, you guys.

10:19 AM #
Bet heaven is a Chili's with a Hooters inside of it. But the babes are topless, drinks are bottomless, and Seger's always on the juke. Man.