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DadBoner - Fri Apr 01 2016

01:05 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

03:06 PM #
Just got a phone call that Ann died in a car crash. Don't know what to do. Feel so shocked.

05:12 PM #
Saw today's April Stupid's. Dave changed number in my phone. Thought phone call was from "Hospital." Guess Ann's not dead. So steamed.

05:14 PM #
Dave thinks it's so funny watchin' me shed man tears 'cause he made me think my ex wife is dead. Maybe I should make him dead and not care.

05:15 PM #
Could smoke Dave with a shovel in a heartbeat, bad boy style. Teach him what real death is about on the streets. Karl don't play.

05:16 PM #
Nothin' says "I mean business" like a shovel and some duct tape, you guys.