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DadBoner - Sun Apr 03 2016

12:41 PM #
Happy 'Mania to ya, you guys.

03:29 PM #
Woo woo woo, you guys.

03:38 PM #
Might have to get up a light up jacket like Y2J. Babes be all like, "whoa."

04:17 PM #

04:32 PM #
Those Brock Lesnar Jimmy John shorts might be the coolest shorts ever. Might grab a pair for summ. Make any babe go wild with desire.

05:30 PM #
I'm a 'Taker man, but Shane O Mac is such a bad boy. So pumped. Here comes the money, you guys.

06:11 PM #
That was awesome.

06:37 PM #
Dallas Cowboy's cheerbabes and AC/DC? Don't mind if I do. Wink.

07:11 PM #
Whoa. Looks like Steph McMizzo is into some kinky whips and chains passions. Pretty erotic.

07:53 PM #
Man, what a mega boss 'Mania. Should be a national holiday, you guys.