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DadBoner - Sun Apr 24 2016

10:56 AM #
Brad Assmouths shoulda been fired twice by now. Got the personality of wet toilet paper. We're better than this Detroit. So steamed.

11:01 AM #
Baseball managers should go bonkers. Hot heads who throw crap and scream. Not safe introspective snooze buckets like Brad Assmouth.

11:02 AM #
Jim Leyland smoked Cowboy Killers in the hallway. Brad Assmouth probs dips kale. Sick of this, Detroit.

11:04 AM #
Bet Jim Leyland craps blood everytime he watches Brad Assmouth coach a Tigs game. Points a loaded gun at his head then puts it down.

11:06 AM #
Sparky Anderson probs trying to punch his way out of a grave watching Brad Assmouth manage the Tigs. What a joke.

11:10 AM #
Tigs shoulda hired Don Mattingly. Or Kid Rock. Either'd be chill managers for the D. True bad boys. Goin' all nuts. Man.