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DadBoner - Sun Jun 19 2016

02:14 PM #
Just wanted to give a fist bump to all the bad boy Dads from coast to coast. May your cold ones be chillin' and the chest beefers healthy.

02:16 PM #
No call OR gifts from Ann & the kids today. Guess ol' Karl is just dead trash to them now. Great. Fine with me. Like I give a hot crap.

02:22 PM #
"Families are just the hassle that happens in between brewskis." Somethin' I just thought up. Might look chill on a t-shirt for Kohl's?

02:29 PM #
Puttin' on my "World's #1 Dad" tee. Wear it to 'Bee's. Tell babes my kids hate my guts so I'm solo. Maybes get some sympathy passions?

02:32 PM #
Nothin' gets a lonely babe's downstairs rockin' and rollin' like a Dad who don't have his kids in his life causin' problems, you guys.