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DadBoner - Sun Jul 31 2016

11:44 AM #
Whoa. Guess Dray Green put his peener pic on the internet. Such a bad boy move. Kinda cool?

11:47 AM #
Nothin' says, "to be the man, you have to beat the man" like exposing your peener loud and proud for all to see, you guys.

11:53 AM #
Day Day Green rocks with the heat of a thousand suns. A true MI bad boy to the max, ballin' outta control forever and ever.

01:21 PM #
Just celebrated Drizzo Green's peener pic with 5 JBCB's from Wendo's. Don't make too much sense but kinda mucho bombed.

03:42 PM #
Draymond Green is my main man. Ball so hard. Bet we'd score mondo exotic babes together. Understandably. Bad boys for life.

05:53 PM #
Figurin' life out ain't so hard. Just keep rockin' 4 eva. Like it's 1984.