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DadBoner - Mon Aug 29 2016

09:40 AM #
Guess Colin Crapperdick has a problem with the USA. So disrespectful to those who served, you guys.

09:41 AM #
Colin Crapperdick should go suck at football in China and see how he likes it. Washed up assclown.

10:06 AM #
Karl appreciates Colin Crapperdick bein' steamed at racial injustices. But Karl don't gotta like takin' a crap on The National Anthem.

10:07 AM #
We ride together. We die together. USA bad boys for life, you guys.

01:29 PM #
If you got a problem with the USA, my guy sack is available to be sucked. Kinda crass, but that's the policy I just made up.