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DadBoner - Sun Sep 11 2016

10:01 AM #
So horno for football, you guys.

03:30 PM #
Whoa. Looks like the D-Lions could go all the way. Might have to get rowdy tonight. Maybes destroy some property. Respectfully.

03:32 PM #
Whether the D-Lions win or lose, destroyin' your own, or someone else's property, is totes understandable, you guys.

03:43 PM #
Whelp, gonna go set a dumpster on fire then kill myself I guess. Thanks Detroit Lions.

03:48 PM #
Might steal a car. Drive into an abandoned house a thousand miles an hour. Jim Beam pourin', cig smokin', Seger blarin', finger in the air.

05:13 PM #
Choke slammed the vacuum cleaner through the neighbor's windshield. Then Dave yelled "Lions won" from patio. Kinda concerning?

05:16 PM #
Completely understandable when you think the Lions lost and you start destroyin' a neighbor's automobile. It's natural.

05:19 PM #
Dave said to "leave a note" for the windshield I destroyed. Idiot. Was a 82 Chevy Celebrity. Did them a favor. Don't need any thank yous.

05:20 PM #
If you use your own property to destroy someone else's property, it's even steven. That's the law, you guys.