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DadBoner - Fri Nov 04 2016

03:03 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

03:05 PM #
So steamed. Dave has pics of me passed out in my 'Ween 'stume with my peener and veggies hangin' out. Took with a Funsaver.

03:08 PM #
Out of context, pics of me in a pink lady's silk robe and blonde wig with my gennies hangin' out could be construed improperly.

03:10 PM #
Peen and veggies exposed when you're dressed as Ric Flair on 'Ween is understandable. But any other time might not be so chill.

03:14 PM #
Dave said he'll send my private crotch pics to The Flint Journal "unless I submit to his demands." My sack & peen are on point, but still.

03:20 PM #
I'm a respected member of the community. Can't have pics of my exposed guy parts in the paper unless there's a good reason, you guys.