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DadBoner - Wed Nov 30 2016

06:20 PM #
Accidentally applied for a job. Musta been bombed. Wasn't clear thinkin'. Got an interview tomorrow. So steamed.

06:28 PM #
Need a clear head for my interview tomorrow. Gonna rock some vod and berry 'nade tonight. Keep it light and healthy so I'm sharp.

06:34 PM #
Great thing about vod is, you're hydrato no matter how smoked you get 'cause it's clear. Ask any doctor or bartender. They know.

06:38 PM #
SCIENCE FACT: Vod has no smell, so it's perfect for any high presh situaish where you need to be loose and conversational with an authority.

06:40 PM #
Remember, if nobody knows you're drinkin', then you're not really drinkin', you guys.