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DadBoner - Fri Dec 02 2016

11:23 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

11:27 AM #
Got offered that job. Wanted me to come in today for "training." Told 'em Monday. No need to set a precedent of doin' actual work on Friday.

11:30 AM #
A job isn't an ideal situaish for my all freedom lifestyle. Guess I'll give it a minimal effort and see if that's enough for fat pockets.

11:34 AM #
Turns out if you use power words like classy, tremendous, unbelievable, and fantastic, no one cares if you make sense. Makin' a note.

11:37 AM #
If I gotta work on Monday, I better rip a big fat juicy new hole in the weekend. Zero self control. Unleash the maniac within. Reasonably.

11:45 AM #
It's not a great weekend if there wasn't a moment where you should've gone to jail, you guys.