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DadBoner - Mon Dec 26 2016

03:06 PM #
Saw Ann left a few messages. Guess someone called from my landline makin' erotic comments last night. Not my style. Gonna confront Dave.

03:08 PM #
"My yule log is on fire for you." Ann says I said that on the phone. No way. It's a pretty smooth line but it's not in my repertoire.

03:12 PM #
"Want my Cheesy Tates all over your bod" isn't somethin' I'd say either. MAYBE if I was bombed on Beam but...well, I was, but still.

03:14 PM #
Told Dave we need to have a discussion about possible erotic lewd comments he made to my ex-wife. After the Lions game of course.

03:15 PM #
Family second, football first, you guys.