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DadBoner - Sun Jan 08 2017

01:14 AM #
Don't know why God hates the Lions. Must be in cahoots with Rog Goodell and that corpse Jerry Jones. Sick trinity of evil garbage.

01:21 AM #
Just drink your brains out 'cause nothin' matters and nothin' will ever be good no matter how hard you try, and then you die, you guys.

01:31 AM #
Russell Wilson blatantly got away with a clear block in the back. Tell me how that makes sense, God? Was clear as day on national tv.

01:35 AM #
Teams like the Detroit Lions are just sob story slaves for the NFL.

01:37 AM #
Gonna go drink this Jimmer on the floor of the kitchen. Everything can suck it.

09:16 AM #
Gonna fill an old Big Gulp cup with Beam and ice. Pray that tomorrow never comes.