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DadBoner - Sun Jun 18 2017

11:43 AM #
Gotta give a Dad's Day shout out to all the true bad boy Dad's. Time to blackout like we ALL deserve, you guys.

12:01 PM #
Just 'cause I haven't seen my kids in several years doesn't mean I'm not the #1 Dad in the USA. It's not MY fault. It's Ann's. So selfish.

12:04 PM #
Ann really blew it. I'm the bomb. Should apologize. Sad.

12:18 PM #
Gonna get ripe on the special sauce and swing by Ann's to see the kids. Get that apology. Demand some gifts. This is MY day!

04:53 PM #
Had to talk to some police. Need to make some life evaulaish.

05:01 PM #
All I need. Natch and a crunchy sam spread sam. Nuts to my FAMILY who called the POLICE on me on FATHER'S DAY! So s…