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DadBoner - Thu Aug 03 2017

12:35 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:57 PM #
Stopped by Deja Vu "Gentlemen's Club" at lunch today with my manager. Said I had to for "job security." Was a meeting, not a perv out.

01:00 PM #
One of MY DAUGHTERS was our waitress at Deja Vu. Was gonna split but stayed to be polite. Lotta dead stares without acknowledgement.

01:02 PM #
Can't have my daughter workin' at a gentlemen's club. Now I can't go there anymore. So steamed.

01:03 PM #
Women can work anywhere they want. Especially a nude establishment. But not if it's my daughter. Don't care if she's just a waitress.

01:05 PM #
It's Ann's fault our daughter works in a nudie club. Not mine. I was never around.

01:08 PM #
Not sure which one of my daughters works at Deja Vu. Gonna guess whatever the older one is. I can't keep track of everything all the time.

01:10 PM #
What's the proper amount of booze to pound before confrontin' your ex-wife about your daughter workin' in a strip club? All of it, you guys.