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DadBoner - Fri Aug 04 2017

01:37 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

01:53 PM #
Confronted Ann 'bout our daughter workin' at Deja Vu. Mighta went bonkers? Not sure. Was pretty bombed so it's understandable. Karl cares.

01:55 PM #
Asked Ann if she thought it was appropriate for people to take off their clothes for money. Got nude in the yard and asked for 5 bucks.

01:59 PM #
In retrospect a line may have been crossed when I exposed my peen, but it was only for a sec, then I left. Kinda like a CM Punk pipe bomb?

02:01 PM #
Whippin' out your peener is like a well placed F-word. When used sparingly, it has more weight and shows you mean business.

02:09 PM #
Strippin' nudie when you're drinko is totes acceptable if you only do it once a year. Like fillin' your pants with stool.

02:15 PM #
My body, my choice if I want to expose it. Think that's the law, you guys.