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DadBoner - Mon Aug 07 2017

12:25 PM #
Any question you ever get asked can be answered with "I'm your huckleberry" followed by a blank stare. They'll walk away every time.

12:29 PM #
"I'm your huckleberry" or "Gotta go, diarrhea" can get you outta pretty much any situaish. Power Moves, you guys.

12:34 PM #
Not having diarrhea just means your life is probs boring and not exploding with excitement.

12:36 PM #
If you're gonna crap, might as well spray the bowl. Let the world know you were there.

12:39 PM #
"Gonna go blast a huckleberry" is a euphemism for takin' a massive crap. Just made that up. Writin' it down for posterity.

12:57 PM #
When I crap, I blow up the john. Then blame it on the loser who goes in after. Win/win.