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DadBoner - Sat Aug 12 2017

12:22 PM #
Have white nationalists ever even HEARD a Lionel Richie song? Idiots.

12:24 PM #
What nation are white nationalists from anyway? Is there some secret country called Trash Pile no one knows about?

12:28 PM #
Nazi lives don't matter, you guys.

12:52 PM #
Wonder why Don Trump never says anything about "white nationalists" bein' "terrorists?" Guess he wants his pals to vote for a second term.

01:23 PM #
Don't white supremacists know bein' a nazi is pretty much the opposite of bein' American? It's on the History Channel, like, all the time.

01:26 PM #
If you're a nazi and want America to be better, you should do the right thing. Find a bunker and eat a barrel. USA.

01:33 PM #
We are all Americans first. Except for nazis. Nazis aren't Americans first. They're nazis first. Not really Americans at all. Pretty basic.

02:23 PM #
Your religion and skin color don't matter. All that matters is if you bleed red, white, & blue and believe in peaceful freedom, you guys.

02:31 PM #
Say "S'up" and give a pound to somebody different than you tonight. Possibly over a cold one. That's what the USA is all about.

04:59 PM #
Guess the "president" hasn't made up his mind whether or not to condemn "nazis" on American soil. Had all day to think. Kinda concerning?

05:03 PM #
Starting to think the "president" might have a learning deficiency and/or support white supremacy. Not very chill, you guys.

05:28 PM #
"Nazis will not be tolerated in The USA" seems pretty easy to say. Also a chill opinion everyone can agree with. Could be a hit speech?