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DadBoner - Fri Aug 18 2017

10:17 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

10:30 AM #
Guess Don Trump fired that crusty grossout nazi guy who looks like he smells like pee. Maybes 'cause smelled like pee?

10:39 AM #
Maybes Don Trump fired Steve Bannon 'cause he smelled like old guy pee and he only craves fresh pee from babes? Yuck, but makes sense?

10:46 AM #
Never hear 'bout the president gettin' whizzed on anymore. Must keep it hush hush. Playin' pee pee games ain't a quit cold turkey situaish.

02:12 PM #
Heard there's a solar eclipse on Monday. Better go mega hard this weekend in case demons come to destroy us all. Buyin' extra booze.

02:13 PM #
If the world is gonna end, might as well be so hungover you wanna die anyway, you guys.