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DadBoner - Sat Aug 26 2017

03:38 PM #
Watch "Over The Top" instead of that scam artist fight. Guaranteed to get your money's worth. That's a gambling tip from K-Money.

03:41 PM #
Whoa. Dave said he's gonna spring for the PPV. Guess he went hard on painkillers. Idiot. Still, gonna watch.

03:42 PM #
The best way to watch a pay per view is if it's free, you guys.

09:22 PM #
Took a snooze watchin' old Whitesnake vids. Guess the fight's over. Made the right choice.

09:24 PM #
Dave really crapped a hundo down the toilet on the fight. He's been asleep on the floor for 2 hours. What a puke.

10:21 PM #
Gonna go over to the neighbor's. We got unfinished biz. And I'm gonna shut it down, macho style.

10:23 PM #
You don't mess with K-Money Karl Welzein. I ball HARD, you guys.