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Futurespa - Mon Aug 06 2012

04:06 PM #
Jacuzzi Jet Particle Programmer, Adrienne Cashmore, claims she's designed a jet sequence that will lull users to sleep in 10 seconds.

04:10 PM #
It's just a gag sequence, of course. But hey! When she's moved on from Future Spa, Cashmore may have a future in R&D at Q Branch! #jamesbond

04:45 PM #
Exciting feed today. Zappin' rocks can be fun, no doubt. The real marvel, though, was @MarsCuriosity's supersonic parachute.

04:47 PM #
The supersonic parachute marked a big step in 'chute tech (which became the "anchor" of Future Spa's popular interstellar base jump package)

04:47 PM #
Today @MarsCuriosity resides at Future Spa. It's gold-plated, has a nice plaque, and is repurposed to blend the best smoothies in the galaxy