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Futurespa - Tue Sep 25 2012

12:51 PM #
We haven't had to deploy the steam room-exhaust-powered Defensive Corg Unit in a while (no space pirate attacks). The unit is getting bored.

12:54 PM #
So we're going to try something out. If you plan to use a steam room today, please paint your body with StarBlend signature body paint...

12:57 PM #
Then! Sweat off the body paint in the steam room. The dyed steam will feed into the exhaust system and circulate to the Corg Unit.

12:59 PM #
We'll then mobilize the Corg Unit to do a little fly-by outside the dome. It will look like a cool multi-hued space spectre!

01:02 PM #
The Defensive Corg Unit will be like our own personal aurora! If you haven't seen the Unit in action, go check it out tonight!

01:04 PM #
Normally, the Defensive Corg Unit is a regular ol' ball of super-powered cosmic steam that we've trained to extinguish enemies. Not today!