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Futurespa - Mon Oct 22 2012

02:31 PM #
Last Friday's visit from the Martin Swoosh Health-Chompin' Astrobus hit a speedbump by the name of Tommy Swoosh, Martin's estranged brother.

02:31 PM #
Tommy's been residing at Future Spa for some months, researching Advanced Spatio EfferveScents in controlled hot tub settings.

02:32 PM #
As the Astrobus touched down at the Esteemed Vendor Landing Bay, Tommy emerged from a nearby jacuzzi, wet towel in hand.

02:33 PM #
The towel was a prototype Rat Tail Snapper Ultra! Before Martin could say, "Crap!" Tommy unleashed a snap.

02:35 PM #
The tightly-wound Rat Tail Snapper Ultra uncoiled, rocketing toward Martin as he scrambled back up the ladder and through the bus's hatch.

02:36 PM #
It nailed him straight on the rear, slicing into his slate gray leisure suit, and leaving a throbbing welt on his tush.

02:37 PM #
Martin fell from the ladder, landing with a *thud* near the tires of his Astrobus.

02:39 PM #
As Tommy wound up the Rat Tail Snapper Ultra (patent pending) for another snap, Martin barrelrolled behind the tires.

02:40 PM #
Tommy's towel whipped toward Martin's shadow, a fine mist arcing off of it as it flew with terrible speed!

02:42 PM #
With a *snap* the towel wrenched in a hole in the Astrobus' tire. "Back off, Tommy!" Martin was heard to yell.

02:45 PM #
Just then members of Future Spa's elite Lifeguard 6 repelled on Polyplus climbing ropes from the nearby hovertrack onto the landing bay.

02:49 PM #
With swift precision the Lifeguard 6 team relieved Tommy Swoosh of his Rat Tail Snapper Ultra, and restored order.

02:55 PM #
A little backstory: Some time ago, the brothers Swoosh ran an interstellar bacterial flower farm called Swoosh Bros Microbotanicals.

02:56 PM #
They earned riches, fame, and a long-lasting healthy sheen from their pioneering work in the microbotanical fields.

02:57 PM #
But Tommy's penchant for experimenting with risky cross-pollination resulted in an abiotic galaxion shift that killed their whole supply.

02:58 PM #
Their business never recovered. And neither did their relationship.

02:59 PM #
Sorry about the drama, folks! Future Spa strives to be a safe and relaxing place where you can exercise in peace.