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Futurespa - Wed Oct 24 2012

10:46 AM #
Seminar tonight in the Chadwick Training Lounge: Staying Grounded in a World Where Lozenge-Shaped Sideburns Are Totally Acceptable.

11:03 AM #
Setting up the Tanline Removal Cart at Reflecting Pool 3. Just another community-service brought to you by Future Spa.

06:05 PM #
Monica Vespucci has a fresh collection of banzai palm trees, gummy ferns, and extend-o-vines available in the Plant Lab.

06:20 PM #
A steady billow of hot air coming from a hole in a steam room ventilation pipe caused the Summer Quinn discarded spa slipper statue to melt.

06:24 PM #
An engineer has patched up the hole. And we've activated the sprinklers around the globby statue to wash it down the spa overflow drains.