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Futurespa - Tue Dec 04 2012

08:10 AM #
What if Chet Channyworth's calves were 10ft tall? A new artistic rendering pasted onto the wall in Hallway 6B shows us what.

12:17 PM #
@NathanStellhorn Did the zero grav spa tub training pay off?

12:20 PM #
Mobile Future Spa units may experience a loss in stereobolic polarimetry during interstellar shipping.

12:29 PM #
For an extra 300 space bucks, we can include a Val-Flow Genie Artificer with your mobile Future Spa unit.

12:32 PM #
After unboxing, feed your Genie some nutro-wafers (supplied) and they'll awake, relieve themselves, and then level and clean your machine.

12:38 PM #
Once the unit is dialed, you can power the Genie down by pressing a chlorophase wipe to its ears. Then discard it or store it for later use!

04:47 PM #
@NathanStellhorn Sorry to hear it. I suggest a steady regimen of laser reps, sonic push-ups, kFLEX power-flexes, and tasty smoothies.