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Futurespa - Wed Jan 09 2013

06:22 AM #
A group of Gnarlons breached the hull yesterday and descended upon the Kelly Jimmy Slater Slade Memorial Endless Wave Pool.

06:23 AM #
They're small enough to fit 20 to a wave. They were having fun and all, but their bodies are literally electro-flotational sponges.

06:23 AM #
The water level dropped quickly. Soon the waves were nothing but mushburgers. But the Gnarlons were still hungry for fresh tubes.

06:23 AM #
At that point we initiated Operation Gsunami Bomba. Using the reserve water tank, we sent in a clean-up set of waves.

06:24 AM #
The Gsunami foamballs then hardened, encasing the Gnarlons. Then we flung them out to space! Bye bye Gnarlons. #kellyjimmyslaterslade