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Heckler4Truth - Sat Sep 03 2011

10:30 AM #
Haircut today at cheap place, ThriftyCuts. Seems Roland, who usually does my head, has moved onto a more boutique-y place not in my budget.

10:31 AM #
What a shame. Roland was very good, if a bit temperamental, like many creative people: an artist who sculpted in the medium of hair.

10:31 AM #
Adieu, Roland! Long may you style.

10:36 AM #

10:37 AM #
In Roland's place I got Gwynne, a sweet, plump young woman with a ready smile and infectious giggle. [GOOD infectious, of course.]

10:39 AM #
She told me she recently graduated from "Beauty School," a name I found wondrous in the extreme. "Beauty School" -- LOVE the implications!

10:40 AM #
[If only one could simply STUDY to be beautiful and matriculate as a fully realized objet d'arte. I'd go for a goddamned doctorate!]

10:47 AM #
This Gwynne was lovely. She smelled of apple essence shampoo and fresh laundry. I luxuriated in being so close to her.

10:48 AM #
She has the voice of a giggly angel and a smile to match. :)

10:49 AM #
Suddenly Roland was a distant memory, he and his spiny artistic ways. This is now the Age of Gwynne.

10:56 AM #
I should mention, though, that Gwynne gave me a TERRIBLE haircut. Honest to God, it looks like I've been in a car accident.

10:58 AM #
Passed Enrique, who was al fresco at the Greek place, hustling people at chess. He laughed REAL hard at my hair, and couldn't stop. :(

10:59 AM #
Even Tina noticed it when I got home. Tilted her head in that way of hers, then sighed, embarrassed for me. [Dogs CAN sigh.] Oh, well.

01:43 PM #
Four in the morning. Still thinking of Gwynne!